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What producs have we launched so far:

  • Portable Smart Projector

    Neat, sleek and powerful. Indeed. 
    100 ANSI lm on a Rotational lamp.
    Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and HDMI connection.
    Tripod and all required cables included.

  • Home Projector Screen

    Perfect either 100" or 84" screen, both of which have a 16:9 Aspect Ratio. 
    Ideal solution for home or backyard Movie experience.

  • Office Projector Screen

    Flawless 100-inch screen, with a remarkable 4:3 Aspect Ratio. 
    Ideal solution for Office or other Presentation experience.

PropVue Projector Screen

Portable projector screen with stand along with premium wrinkle-free matte PVC will bring your indoor or outdoor movie or gaming experience into the new level.



PropVue Portable Projector

Our Smart Portable Projector will definitely become your best friend for a movie night or an outdoor movie party. It is super smooth and mighty in any demand you wish.



Do you offer some kind of warranty for your products?

Yes, each order registered in our system is eligible for 12 month warranty. All you need to do is to sign your order via QR code which you can find on the box of the product. Or just a drop an email to support@propvuebrand.com and we will add your order.

Do you have a tech support to help with the item?

Sure thing! You can contact us either by Amazon Messenger, email or phone call. We are super friendly and prompt in reply.

Can I check the item in store? Like Walmart or BestBuy?

Unfortunately not. The store display would increase the cost of the production and it would be difficult to maintain affordable price. 

Can I request a Discount?

Surely you can, just join to our FB page and request a discount. We will provide you a promo code.